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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Proximity Story Studio: Emerging Leaders Initiative

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Session Description

Without proximity, deep empathy and understanding remains an ideal, rather than a reality. This lunch session features the next generation of social entrepreneurs, selected worldwide as part of the 2018 Emerging Leaders Initiative. Come and listen to their powerful and authentic voices, as they explore personal inspirations and their unique perspective on how to create meaningful solutions by working from within and side-by-side with communities.

When | Where

11:45 AM - 1:00 PM Wednesday, April 11 Classroom 2 (TBEC)


Lightning Talks

Session leaders

  • Angela Code Speaker
    Project Manager, Our Voices
    Angela Code is a member of the Sayisi Dene First Nation. She was born in Churchill, Manitoba (the polar bear capital of the world). Angela spent her childhood in her home Indian reserve at Tadoule Lake, Manitoba. There, she was surrounded by denesuline (Chipewyan Dene language), culture, family and community of her people. The Sayisi Dene are caribou people - much of their identity is directly linked to their traditional territory and living off the land. At age 10, Angela’s parents Allan and Mary Code moved her and brother Mike to Whitehorse, Yukon in order to receive higher quality western education, recreation and general opportunities to "succeed" within Canadian society. The move also proved to assist with Allan and Mary's careers as documentary film makers. After finishing high-school, Angela pursued her Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in First Nation Studies, a Minor in First Nation Languages and Linguistics at the University of British Columbia - she graduated in 2012. Angela has worked various jobs - largely with youth and film making. Angela has also travelled the world. She believes in social justice and the empowerment of the oppressed. Angela is a strong advocate for indigenous peoples’ rights - particularly for indigenous women. Angela has served as a delegate for various summits including The Indigenous Circumpolar Women's Gathering and The Sustainable Goals Summit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.
  • Senior Technical Advisor, VillageReach
    Driven by an interest to witness meaningful and sustainable change in underserved communities, Bvudzai leads the regional research and advocacy agenda for VillageReach’s work in improving immunization supply chains. Some of her current work is focussed on understanding processes and outcomes of transitioning social innovations (funding and management) from non-profit organizations to governments in low-resource settings. Bvudzai studied Public Health in Zimbabwe and South Africa and earned her PhD from the University of the Western Cape in 2017. All of her work experience has been in public health research with a goal to inform policy and practice. She has received multiple awards and fellowships including the Emerging Voices for Global Health, Social Innovation in Public Health Fellowship, South African Research Chair Initiative in Health Systems & Social Change.
  • Alpha Ngwenya Speaker
    Co-Founder, Strong Woman Strong Love
    Alpha Ngwenya is a student at Arizona State University majoring in Economics and Business Data Analytics. He currently works for Changemaker Central as a marketing chairperson. Changemaker provides over $250,000 in start-up funding. Alpha interned with Steward Bank and Public Accountant and Auditors Board were he developed interpersonal skills. By the age of 14 his grandfather, grandmother, father, and mother had passed away and he had to assume responsibility for his two siblings. That was when he started a vegetable garden business that enabled him to generate funds for his education and the education of siblings. His background was his introduction to the world of social innovation. Alpha has pursued his passion for social entrepreneurship by founding African Data Company, a unique startup that trains rural community members in Lupinyu, Zimbabwe on ways to save, accumulate and invest their money. With the aim of disrupting the cycle of poverty which is dominant in rural Africa. He also co-founded Strong Women Strong Love, a non-profit that provides feminine hygiene products to women facing homelessness. They teach women in Uganda the skills of designing a reusable sanity pad that can be sold for a 5500 Ugandan shillings profit per pack. This is unique because it provides entrepreneurship skills and financial benefit to women who are less privileged. Also, Strong Women Strong Love partners with a safe house with an aim to keep a girl child in school all month long, by training them to make reusable feminine hygiene products for personal use. Strong Women Strong Love has impacted over 2400+ women since its inception. “social entrepreneurship is a universal language that can make poverty deaf” – Alpha Ngwenya
  • Biruk Girma Speaker
    Co-Founder, CEO, Nature for Nature
    Biruk Girma is a social entrepreneur and nature-lover who is co-founder and CEO of a new company, Nature4Nature, which aims to use bio-organic human and animal waste to produce natural granulated fertilizer for smallholder farming and urban indoor and outdoor garden use. Biruk, age 26, is a mechanical engineer and obtained his BSc from Adama Science and Technology University in 2016. Biruk and his co-founders were incubated at blueMoon, a highly renowned and selective youth agribusiness incubator in Ethiopia. At the end of the incubation, Nature4Nature successfully raised $150,000 in September 2017 in seed funding from angel investors in a competitive funding round and the company is now set to start operations in 2018. Biruk has sought leadership in different ways, attending various courses to improve his leadership skills and leading a missionary team composed of over 300 university students for 2 years while he was a student. He loves sharing ideas with people and participating in formal and informal debates in different topics in multiple clubs and civil society groups. His passion for agriculture and his drive to transform farming practices in Ethiopia stems from his father who was an Agricultural Sciences teacher. Biruk intends to take his company, the first in Ethiopia producing packaged and customized natural fertilizer, across Africa in order to transform farming practices in a sustainable way.
  • Erin Harrington Moderator
    Grants Manager, Skoll Foundation
    Erin bring over ten years of experience working in the philanthropic sector. Currently the Grants Manager at the Skoll Foundation, he is responsible for the centralized grantmaking systems and processes of the Foundation. Additionally, he is the Program Manager and Curator of the Emerging Leaders Initiative, a program focused on developing the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Prior to assuming his current role, Erin worked at the Blue Shield of California Foundation. There, he was responsible for processing the annual grants and payable budgets, as well as redesigning the Foundation’s financial reporting and budgeting systems. Erin has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Davis with a minor in International Relations. During his junior year, he attended Copenhagen University in Denmark, where he studied Western European welfare and pension policies.
  • Director of Digital Research and Development Department, Fundacion Capital
    Maria Antonia holds an MA degree in Finance, Government, and International Relations and has six years of experience in Social Entrepreneurship, field work and Information and Communications Technology for Development. She is the current Director of the Digital Research and Development Department of Fundación Capital. Before this position, she co-founded LittleBigMoney, the first social-crowdfunding platform in Colombia promoted by Fundación Capital and developed the expansion strategy of one of the largest Peer to Peer MarketPlace of Latin America Afluenta (Fintech Platform). She is an active Global Shaper and outgoing curator of the Global Shapers Mexico’s Hub. She currently teaches the "Alternative Fundraising and Negotiation" module at the Masters program of Management for Development at (Externado University Colombia) and the "Financial Innovation" module at the Postgraduate Programe - Economy and Management for Inclusion at (UDELAR Uruguay).
  • Co-Founder, Guediawaye Hip Hop
    Pape’s passion for the arts and hip-hop culture motivated him to co-found G Hip Hop with his friends as a way of unifying his neighborhood. The G Hip Hop training center uses the arts and Hip Hop, to promote active citizenship. Through lectures and training programs, G Hip Hop educates youth on citizenship, environmental protection, economic empowerment, and hip hop culture. In 2016, over 100 young people were trained by the center, with multiple events hosted year-round, including festivals, concerts and workshops. In addition to classes, street conferences are hosted regularly, during which G Hip Hop students distribute information to the community about citizenship, environmental protection, economic empowerment, and hip hop culture. Pape was responsible for the planning and monitoring of activities, developing the organization’s network locally and internationally, advertising, and organizing events for 4 years. Now full time employee at Microsoft WCA (West and Central Africa) Pape is also a member of the US Embassy Youth Council, Alumni of the American Express Leadership Academy in 2017, 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow. Before his journey at Microsoft Pape worked at Ashoka as a social media manager and project manager.