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Biruk Girma

Co-Founder, CEO, Nature for Nature


Biruk Girma is a social entrepreneur and nature-lover who is co-founder and CEO of a new company, Nature4Nature, which aims to use bio-organic human and animal waste to produce natural granulated fertilizer for smallholder farming and urban indoor and outdoor garden use. Biruk, age 26, is a mechanical engineer and obtained his BSc from Adama Science and Technology University in 2016. Biruk and his co-founders were incubated at blueMoon, a highly renowned and selective youth agribusiness incubator in Ethiopia. At the end of the incubation, Nature4Nature successfully raised $150,000 in September 2017 in seed funding from angel investors in a competitive funding round and the company is now set to start operations in 2018.

Biruk has sought leadership in different ways, attending various courses to improve his leadership skills and leading a missionary team composed of over 300 university students for 2 years while he was a student. He loves sharing ideas with people and participating in formal and informal debates in different topics in multiple clubs and civil society groups. His passion for agriculture and his drive to transform farming practices in Ethiopia stems from his father who was an Agricultural Sciences teacher. Biruk intends to take his company, the first in Ethiopia producing packaged and customized natural fertilizer, across Africa in order to transform farming practices in a sustainable way.