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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Unicorns Unite Book Launch

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Session Description

Come kick off the book, Unicorns Unite; mingle with friends of the Peery Foundation; and start your week at Skoll World Forum with a dash of magic!

Unicorns Unite is a nitty-gritty, inside look at how foundations and nonprofits relate today, and why we’re stuck in the status quo. Get ready for a rocket-ship ride to a future filled with EPIC Partnerships grounded in equality, trust, and creativity; partnerships to help us think bigger, bolder, and better about social change. Then roll up your sleeves and dive into a series of fun and thought-provoking exercises for you to do and discuss with your team, your partners, and your board. Unicorns Unite is a whimsical journey through a challenging conversation that could hold the key to slaying the dragons of injustice and inequity once and for all!


07:00 pm - 10:00 pm Tuesday, April 10


The Varsity Club
9 High Street, Oxford


Peery Foundation