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Thursday, April 12, 2018

How Giant Rats are Saving Lives

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Session Description

Join Apopo and Airbnb during the 2018 Skoll Forum to discover an innovative, sustainable, and surprising solution to the threat of landmines and tuberculosis.

Visitors will learn how an African based NGO trains detection rats to save lives and create positive social change. You will discover how in rural Tanzania hundreds of African giant pouched rats have been trained to become HeroRATs capable of sniffing out deadly landmines and TB safely, quickly, and at a low-cost.

Get involved by meeting and having your picture taken with Arthur, Gent and Tora, three African pouched rats just like the animals trained to save lives in developing countries. Our little friends will be accompanied by their owners who will gladly answer any questions you might have about this little-known, tropical and sometimes life-saving, incredible animal.

Experience what life is like for a manual deminer detecting landmines by trying on a full demining suit complete with metal detector.

This event takes place for one hour each session. Three sessions available.


11:00 am - 02:00 pm Thursday, April 12


35 Richmond Rd Oxford, England OX1 2JJ


Airbnb & Apopo