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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Culture eats impact for breakfast: how working with social entrepreneurs unlocks collaborations for impact

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Session Description

How can companies work with social entrepreneurs to maximize social and business impact? What are the opportunities for co-creation? How can these engagements develop talent in corporate settings?

Businesses are increasingly harnessing their immense power to solve social problems at scale through their core business models. This requires new organizational models that respond to the fast-paced change around us: innovation has become a prerequisite for growth, workforce and talents are shifting and stakeholders have new expectations.

This session is no ordinary panel, we want to hear your take on this. We will start with a discussion where 3 panelists share their experiences engaging with social innovation in the corporate context, inspiring us with success stories and opening up about challenges. We will then split in break out groups for two focused discussions on the topics above.

Join us on the morning of the 11th to connect, share and learn from other like-minded corporate leaders.



10:00 am - 01:00 pm Wednesday, April 11


Kloppenburg Room, Cohen Quad
Exeter College, Oxford, OX1 2HE