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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Corporate Social Innovation – Unlocking the opportunity in your organisation

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Session Description

This interactive and practical event will include speakers at the cutting edge of social innovation, including Barclays’ Social Innovation Facility, CEMEX’s Patrimonio Hoy initiative and Pearson’s Tomorrow’s Markets Incubator.

Corporate social intrapreneurs develop profitable new products, services, or business models that create value for society and their company.

But being a social intrapreneur is not easy. The “corporate immune system” tends to fight different or unfamiliar ideas and it can be hard to make a convincing investment case.

Despite the challenges, social innovation is starting to take root where companies have put in place the internal resources, support systems and partnerships that intrapreneurs need to thrive.

But this remains unfamiliar territory for many organisations and much more needs to be done to understand what corporate intrapreneurs really need to succeed.

For this reason, Business Fights Poverty, in partnership with The League of Intrapreneurs and DFID, have brought together social intrapreneurs from companies at the forefront of embracing social innovation – Barclays, CEMEX and Pearson – to share what they are learning about how to enable intrapreneurs to develop and launch their ideas, and ensure they flourish over the long-term.

By attending our Skoll World Forum Ecosystem Event you will:

• Learn about how social innovation can drive business and societal value.
• Explore real-life examples from leading companies of what social innovation looks like and how it is being enabled, including Barclays’ Social Innovation Facility, CEMEX’s Patrimonio Hoy initiative and Pearson’s Tomorrow’s Markets Incubator
• Access insights from peers on how to enable social intrapreneurs to succeed in your organisation.
• Have the opportunity to share your own experiences as part of a select group of like-minded innovators and thinkers.

Featured speakers:
• Gib Bulloch, Speaker, Writer Facilitator, Intrapreneur in Residence at Business Fights Poverty
• Emily Fry, Assistant Vice President, Social Innovation, Barclays
• Mario Elias Gonzalez Lupercio, Shared Value & Innovation, CEMEX
• Teodora Berkova, Director of Social Innovation, Pearson


11:30 am - 01:00 pm Tuesday, April 10


The Queen's College
Shulman Auditorium, The Queen’s College, High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AW


Business Fights Poverty