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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Billions for Breakfast (89th Social Investment Brekkie Club)

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Session Description

Too many platform builders in the social impact ecosystem approach their work in the uber-competitive land-grab spirit of Silicon Valley, and then invoke the collaborative spirit of our industry to essentially convert their networks into a commodity. We’d like to take this topic on and create an opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas and reflections on both the technical and strategic possibilities before us at this current inflection point in our space. The ‘impact for breakfast’ network series is adapted for Marmalade this year to focus on the competitive advantage of collaboration in an ecosystem full of competing platforms and a culture of bilateralism that does not serve the collective.

Join Astrid Scholz from Sphaera and Audrey Selian from Artha Networks Inc. in a discussion about the true future that we have to realize if we hope the SDG goals will actually be fulfilled by 2030.

Below a link to our recently published white paper on this subject:

Mobilising the Missing Trillions to Solve the Sustainable Development Goals

Join us for our traditional get-together around the fringes of Skoll and Marmalade!


09:00 am - 11:00 am Wednesday, April 11


George Street Social
35 New Inn Hall Street, Oxford, OX1 2DH


Artha Networks