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The PBS NewsHour (the NewsHour) is an hour-long television news program broadcast nightly on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and across the globe through satellite and cable partners. With focused coverage on social enterprise, science, health, education, the economy, politics, the arts, and news in the United States and abroad, the NewsHour brings a high level of reporting and analysis to its growing audiences, both on air and online. Its broadcast stories are carried on its website, alongside breaking news and original reporting about a wide variety of serious and not-so-serious topics. A nonprofit subsidiary of WETA, PBS NewsHour is supported by foundations, corporations, and Friends of the NewsHour.

Skoll Partnership

PBS NewsHour and Skoll Foundation partner on the NewsHour series “Agents of Change” and ongoing broadcast and digital coverage of social entrepreneurs with compelling solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. PBS NewsHour has been committed to social entrepreneurship reporting since 2008, producing in-depth stories that examine social issues and the impact of social entrepreneurs and their work around the globe.


Issue Areas: Arresting Deforestation · Clean Energy · Clean Water · Early Childhood to Primary Education · Financial Services · Health Delivery · Human Rights · International Justice · Livelihoods · Living Conditions · Ocean Ecosystems · Post-Secondary Education · Responsible Supply Chains · Sanitation · Secondary Education · Smallholder Productivity · Water Management · Women's and Girls' Education · Youth Job Skills