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  • Awarded: 2019
  • Issue Areas: Early Childhood to Primary Education · Health · Post-Secondary Education · Water Management
  • Countries Served: Georgia · Georgia · Liechtenstein · Liechtenstein · Slovenia · Slovenia · United States
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    About the Organization

    New Teacher Center (NTC) seeks to reduce the achievement gap in American schools by accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers and principals, through comprehensive mentoring and professional development programs.

    NTC partners with school districts, policymakers, and leaders in education to implement induction programs that build leadership capacity, enhance working conditions, improve teacher retention, and transform schools into vibrant learning communities.

    Their induction programs include one-on-one mentoring and professional development, all taking place within school environments that support new teachers.

    NTC believes that when we focus on teachers, students succeed. New teachers and administrators are typically placed in difficult assignments in hard-to-staff schools. Many of their careers will not survive this trial by fire.

    Yet, it is these schools, and the low-income and students of color that attend them, that stand to benefit the most from excellent teaching. Improving teacher effectiveness delivers on the promise of public education and helps close the achievement gap in American schools.

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    Assigned to the most difficult classrooms, half of new teachers leave the profession within five years, leaving behind the students most in need of stability.

    NTC pairs talented and inexperienced teachers with experienced, veteran teachers who guide them through the crucial first two years.

    Ellen Moir intends to ensure that every district trains and mentors new teachers to deliver highest quality educational outcomes.

    5,700 mentors are working with 23,000 new teachers in 35 states, benefiting 1.6 million students.

    Ambition for Change

    Improve teacher quality and close the achievement gap by ensuring that every school district trains and mentors every new teacher to deliver highest quality educational outcomes.

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    Path to Scale

    Demonstration and Uptake of Model into Existing Systems.
    Build mentorship programs into school district structure and funding systems

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    Ellen Moir credits her high school Spanish teacher with encouraging her to become the first person in her family to attend college. After beginning her career as a bilingual teacher, Ellen spent 15 years directing the teacher education program at UC Santa Cruz. Dismayed to see new teachers become disillusioned and leave teaching, she developed an instructional mentoring program to induct new teachers. Ellen then founded NTC in 1998 to scale high quality teacher induction services to a national audience. She is widely recognized for her work in new teacher development and school reform. 

    Within her day-to-day role at NTC, Ellen works as a liaison between NTC’s board of directors and staff—communicating the goals of the board and developing strategies to achieve those goals. Ellen is very involved in NTC's fundraising efforts, spending much of her time engaging new funders and  nurturing existing funder relationships. As the face of NTC, Ellen also spends her days cultivating relationships with a variety of strategic partners and frequently speaks at convenings and conferences across the country.

    Ellen was named a recipient of the 2015 Mary Utne O’Brien Awards for Excellence in Expanding the Evidence-based Practice of Social and Emotional Learning, the 2015 California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (CASCD) Outstanding Instructional Leader award, the 2014 Brock International Prize in Education Laureate, became a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow in 2013, and an Ashoka Fellow in 2011. Other major awards include the 2013 NewSchools Venture Fund Organization of the Year Award, 2010 Civic Ventures Purpose Prize Fellow, 2008 National Staff Development Council Contribution to the Field award; the 2008 Full Circle Fund Impact Award; the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. 2005 Prize in Education; and the 2003 California Council on Teacher Education Distinguished Teacher Educator Award.

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    Impact & Accomplishments

    • 5,700 mentors, 23,000 new teachers, 1.6 million students reached in 35 states and 250 school districts
    • Online program serving 600 new teachers
    • Other milestones include:
      • 12/18 Test #2
      • 2014 Brock International Prize in Education
      • Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship
      • 12/18 TEST #1 Associação Saúde Criança


    Cindy BrunswickSenior Vice President, Program Delivery, New Teacher Center
    Ellen MoirFounder and CEO, New Teacher Center
    Jenna WachtelDirector of Early Learning, New Teacher Center
    Kirsten WardSr VP Business Development, New Teacher Center
    Tracy KremerAssociate Director of Communication, New Teacher Center

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