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  • Awarded: 2014
  • Issue Areas: Economic Opportunity · Education · Financial Services · Livelihoods · Women's and Girls' Education
  • Countries Served: Bolivia · Brazil · Chile · Colombia · Dominican Republic · Ecuador · El Salvador · Guatemala · Honduras · Mexico · Paraguay · Peru
  • Web:
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    About the Organization

    Fundación Capital is a pioneer in inclusive finance and a testing ground for innovation in asset-building, working to eliminate poverty by expanding access to capital, information, training, and productive opportunities.

    By aligning public policy, market mechanisms, and advances in digital technology, Fundación Capital enables millions of poor families to meet their ambitions and decide for themselves how to manage, grow, and invest their resources.

    Fundación Capital works to improve and develop public policies that facilitate financial inclusion and social protection on a massive scale. By facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences among both public and private sectors, they are collaborating with critical players around the world in the fight against poverty.

    Most importantly, they strive to understand the problems and needs of low-income families in order to create long-term and scalable solutions, not for them, but with them.

    Fundación Capital works in 12 Latin American countries, and is in the process of expanding into Africa and Asia.

    Half the world's adult population lacks access to financial services, and so cannot save and build capital for their future.

    FC applies modern technology like cell phones and mobile banking, backed up by peer mentors and learning, to bring financial services and opportunities for growth to the "unbanked."

    Founder Yves Moury realized that by providing financial literacy to the poor, you enable them to save, build assets, and manage risk.

    FC is working toward a goal of serving 100 million families by 2020 and has partnered with governments and banks across the region to implement systems that link conditional cash transfers to financial education.

    Ambition for Change

    Eliminate extreme poverty by providing knowledge and tools that enable the poor to save, build assets, and manage risk.

    Path to Scale

    Transform Existing Service Program
    Work with governments that provide cash transfers to the poor, making a business case and providing technical and other support to help them make access to bank accounts and other financial services, such as insurance, an integral part of their programs.

    As a young consultant, Yves Moury spent time in the desert of Mauritania with a Tuareg, elder who changed his thinking about poverty forever, by teaching him that the poor have real assets – knowledge and connection to their homes and communities, desire and ability to work toward a desired future. He applied this knowledge in more than 25 years of work with development banks and other entities focused on international development and poverty reduction, and founded Fundación Capital in 2009 to develop and scale innovations in inclusive finance. Fundación Capital engages the poor themselves, and providing knowledge and tools to empower them to save, grow, and invest assets’ insure their families against risk, and chart their own permanent path out of poverty. It applies modern technology (tablet computers, cell phones, mobile banking) and relies on appropriate and effective peer leadership models to transfer skills and knowledge, relying on community leaders who have learned and succeeded to teach their families, friends, and neighbors. At the time of the Skoll Award, Fundación Capital had worked with three million families in Latin America.

    Impact & Accomplishments

    Working to expand to six additional countries (three in Africa, three in Asia) during the first year after the award, with the potential to reach 100 million families over six to seven years.


    Ana PantelicChief Strategy Officer, Fundacion Capital
    Dayo ForsterProject Lead for Africa, Fundacion Capital
    Franz GomezVP for Latin America and the Caribbean, Fundacion Capital
    Laura FuentesChief Financial Officer, Fundacion Capital
    Maria Antonia HoyosDirector of Digital Research and Development Department, Fundacion Capital
    Yves MouryFounder, President and CEO, Fundacion Capital

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