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From Haiti to Syria, life-shattering conflict must be turned into collaborative, workable political, legal, and social solutions that ensure the protection of human rights and the rule of law. Freedom, stability, and prosperity—including transparency, government accountability, and citizen mobilization—are the critical building blocks to lasting peace.

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From Direct Action to Advisory Services: A Pathway to Scale for Social Entrepreneurs
Sarah Miers - Skoll Foundation , March 27, 2018
A central question for any social entrepreneur with a proven, effective innovation is how to scale its impact. For many organizations and funders, the answer to this question is elusive.…
How to Stop a Practice Harmful to Three Million Women and Girls This Year?
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , February 7, 2018
Some 200 million women and girls alive today have undergone female genital cutting (FGC). Every year, three million more women are violated with FGC—a massive, mostly invisible health and human…
#GoodNewsDecember: Impact Highlights from Social Entrepreneurs in 2017
Robyn Park - Skoll Foundation , December 18, 2017
After a year marked by natural disasters, refugee crises, and political turmoil, it can be a challenge to not become discouraged. But take a closer look, and you'll see the progress…
We Stand #WithRefugees
Robyn Park - Skoll Foundation , November 29, 2017
Today, we are committing to standing #WithRefugees. By the end of 2016, more than 65.6 million people had been displaced by conflict or fled human rights violations—22.5 million were refugees,…
10 TED Talks by Women that Provoke, Empower, and Challenge the Status Quo
November 2, 2017
We’re excited to be in New Orleans for this year’s TEDWomen, where women from all over the world have convened to hear from innovative thinkers giving talks centering on the…
What Will it Take to Free 40.3 Million Slaves?
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , October 16, 2017
Slavery is a modern scourge of shocking proportions. Some 40 million people live in slavery today, according to a report released last month from the U.N. affiliated International Labor Organization…
We The Future Spotlights Bold Models for Sustainable Development Agenda
Last week, a group of social entrepreneurs, corporate pioneers, and policy innovators gathered at the TED Theater in New York during Global Goals Week for We The Future: Accelerating Sustainable…
Human Trafficking: Where's the Progress and What Comes Next?
Hannah Darnton - Skoll Foundation , July 28, 2017
Some 20 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking, and nearly 70 percent of those are trapped in forced labor. The International Labour Organization reports that this dark…
EcoPeace Middle East and a Breakthrough Israeli-Palestinian Water Deal
July 21, 2017
A water deal between Israelis and Palestinians reached earlier this month will ease the chronic shortages that have threatened to become a public health risk for the Palestinian people, particularly…
Record Number of Land and Water Rights Defenders Killed in 2016
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , July 17, 2017
Global Witness released a damning report late last week that shows it has never been deadlier to stand up against corporations seizing land and destroying the environment, tallying 200 deaths over the…
On World Refugee Day: A Historic Crisis Without a Historic Response
Hannah Darnton - Skoll Foundation , June 20, 2017
Every minute of the day, conflict and persecution forces 20 people from their homes. By the end of today’s World Refugee Day, nearly 30,000 people will find themselves displaced. 2016…
The Case for Creative Coalitions in a Time of Turmoil
Nick Martlew - Crisis Action , May 18, 2017
Imagine a country’s Olympics team getting all mixed up. The swimmers end up in the sprint and the cyclists are handed javelins. There’s a wrestler on a horse and a…
Skoll World Forum 2017 Reflection: Global Goals in an Uncertain World
Walking into the session, a question buzzed in my head: can we 7B+ humans prove to ourselves that ‘sustainable development’ isn’t an oxymoron, in just 14 short years? Susan Myers—panel…
Highlights from Skoll World Forum 2017
April 21, 2017
The annual Skoll World Forum was, as always, an inspiring, energizing, and at times dizzying week of conversations and celebrations in the hallowed halls and cobblestoned streets of Oxford. Stephan Chambers…
Skoll World Forum 2017 Reflection: Civil Society Under Fire
Ruth Norris - Resources Legacy Fund , April 13, 2017
In the past five years, 70 countries have passed restrictive laws controlling civil society organizations, with more than half of them restricting foreign funding. There is a crisis of effectiveness…
Why I March - A Personal Message from Sally Osberg
Sally Osberg - , January 20, 2017
Friends, Over my lifetime, the course of human events here in the US has always found its way forward. While far from perfect, our union has been characterized by its…
Reflections From Standing Rock
Gabriel Diamond - Skoll Foundation , December 8, 2016
At the Skoll Foundation much of the work we support—and the stories we seek to tell—has to do with organizations and movements seeking to protect the environment and indigenous land…
#StandWithMe: Empathy Builds Gender-Inclusive Safe Spaces
Sonali Khan - Dasra , November 24, 2016
I was moderating an open discussion at a program on “safety in public transport” in a college in the state of Haryana, India. The students had heard about how girls…
Colombia: Referendum Result Presents Opportunity for Dialogue
Catalina Cock Duque - Fundacion Mi Sangre , October 14, 2016
After more than four years of negotiations, the referendum to ratify the final peace agreement that would end the armed conflict between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas was held on October 2, 2016. It…
Bryan Stevenson’s Blueprint for Racial Justice Inspires Aspen Changemakers
Sarah Zak Borgman - Skoll Foundation , August 31, 2016
In July I attended the Aspen Institute’s Resnick Aspen Action Forum in Aspen, Colorado, along with a number of Skoll Awardees. The Skoll Foundation sponsors this annual four-day event, where…
One More Look at Rio: The Necessity and Complexity of Systems Change
Joony Moon - Skoll Foundation , August 24, 2016
Over the course of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, we’ve delved into some of the challenges facing Brazil. We began with the Social Progress Index’s (SPI) assessment of Brazil’s performance…
“Visibility is the First Stepping Stone For All Our Other Rights”: How WITNESS is Using Video to Fight Abuses in Rio
Joony Moon - Skoll Foundation , August 17, 2016
Social entrepreneurs aim at the root causes of social problems. For WITNESS, one of the main reasons human rights abuses persist is a lack of visibility. WITNESS empowers citizens to…
South Asia: Skoll Awardees Drive Change in Health and Gender Equality
Last month I traveled to Nepal and India to meet with Skoll Awardees and partners and learn about their progress in deploying mobile health solutions, fighting gender bias, and expanding…
Communications as Critical Change Agent
Suzana Grego - Skoll Foundation , July 27, 2016
During the July 2016 AWNY Stages Summit in Chicago, the Skoll Foundation’s Director of Public Engagement & Communications Suzana Grego delivered a speech about her experiences working in human rights…
New Hope That Water Can Be a Bridge to Mideast Peace
Gidon Bromberg - EcoPeace Middle East , Hilik Bar - Israeli Knesset , July 21, 2016
Israelis and Palestinians often play the blame game on the crucial issue of water. Palestinians scream “water apartheid” and Israelis respond with accusations of a “sewage intifada.” But recently there…
Refugees in Turkey Must Be Allowed to Find Their Own Solutions
Adam Lent - Ashoka , April 13, 2016
Fadwa, Mahmoud, and Yasser have three things in common. They all live in Istanbul, but not by choice. They are there because their lives in Syria became too dangerous or…
Unleashing Young People’s Potential to Build a Culture of Peace
Catalina Cock Duque - Fundacion Mi Sangre , February 22, 2016
Catalina Cock Duque is the director of the Mi Sangre Foundation, founded in 2006 by Juanes, the Grammy Award-winning Colombian musician and social activist. Juanes will perform at the 2016…
What's So Funny? The Role of Comedy in Social Change
Bassem Youssef - Bassem Youssef , Caty Borum Chattoo - Center for Media & Social Impact, American University , Jack Sim - World Toilet Organization , Jess Search - Doc Society , Mechai Viravaidya - Mechai Viravaidya Foundation , May 5, 2015
Down is Not Defeated
Diana Aviv - Independent Sector , Kennedy Odede - Shining Hope for Communities , Lola Young - House of Lords , Ma. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda - Visayan Forum Foundation , Ned Breslin - Tennyson Center for Children , April 29, 2015
The Great Paradigm Shift
Diana Good - Independent Commission for Aid Impact , Eduarda La Rocque - Pereira Passos Institute , Michael Green - Social Progress Imperative , Michael Porter - Harvard Business School , Paul Farmer - Partners In Health , April 29, 2015
Measuring Up As Men: Mobilizing To End Child Marriage In Kenya
Follow Wanjala Wafula, a women's rights activist from Kenya, in his day-to-day work to convince men that ending child marriage is not just a necessity: it is their responsibility. The…
Revisit Nasheed's Address To The Closing Plenary Skoll World Forum in 2012
March 16, 2015
In light of the controversy surrounding former President Mohamed Nasheed's arrest and sentencing to 13 years in prison after he was found guilty of ordering the arrest of a judge…
Artists as Activists: Using Creative Talent for Social Progress
Camille Zamora - Sing for Hope , feliciano dos Santos - ESTAMOS Organização Comunitária , Jehane Noujaim - Noujaim Films , Monica Yunus - Sing for Hope , Naif Al-Mutawa - THE 99 , April 21, 2014
Opening Plenary of 2014 Skoll World Forum
Arif Naqvi - The Abraaj Group , Jeff Skoll - Jeff Skoll Group , Marcus Bleasdale - Wilstar Social Impact , Mindy Lubber - Ceres , Miri Ben-Ari - , April 9, 2014
The Skoll World Forum delegation comes together for the first time at the Opening Plenary to celebrate social entrepreneurship and the work being done in pursuit of large-scale systemic change.…
The Square - Trailer
Jehane Noujaim - Noujaim Films , February 28, 2014
The Square movie is a documentary about the Egyptian revolution behind the headlines. Follow a group of activists in Tahrir Square, risking their lives to build a new society of…
Skoll World Forum Interviews: Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan - The Elders , August 12, 2013
Kofi Annan shares his vision for a more equitable and peaceful world. This is the first in a special series from the Skoll World Forum featuring social entrepreneurs and other…
The Emotional Brain: The Science and Anthropology of Aggression
Brian Ferguson - Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Rutgers University-Newark , David Anderson - California Institute of Technology , John Mitani - University of Michigan , Quratulain Bakhteari - Institute for Development Studies and Practices , Simon Wessely - Kings College London , July 24, 2013