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Destructive practices like deforestation and pollution that are causing skyrocketing global greenhouse emissions must be dramatically reduced and eliminated. At the same time, we must also work to catalyze more sustainable lives and economies, including the improved management of and access to sustainable shelter, clean water, and clean energy.

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Marine Stewardship Council Labeling and the Future of Sustainable Fisheries
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , June 8, 2018
For hundreds of years, the Grand Banks cod fishery was one of the world’s most productive, providing a dietary staple to millions of people. Drop a basket over the side…
Rural Women and Girls Catalyzing Change in the Climate Crisis
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , June 7, 2018
With World Environment Day this week, we're thinking a lot about the intersection of climate change and injustice, a place where many of our Awardees work daily. Climate change deepens…
From Direct Action to Advisory Services: A Pathway to Scale for Social Entrepreneurs
Sarah Miers - Skoll Foundation , March 27, 2018
A central question for any social entrepreneur with a proven, effective innovation is how to scale its impact. For many organizations and funders, the answer to this question is elusive.…
#GoodNewsDecember: Impact Highlights from Social Entrepreneurs in 2017
Robyn Park - Skoll Foundation , December 18, 2017
After a year marked by natural disasters, refugee crises, and political turmoil, it can be a challenge to not become discouraged. But take a closer look, and you'll see the progress…
How Business Advocacy Pushed California’s Progressive Climate Policy
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , November 10, 2017
On a windy morning this past July, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to extend that state’s historic cap-and-trade program to 2030, doubling down on climate action just months…
From Forlorn Wastelands to Thriving Commons in India
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , October 30, 2017
Years ago, early in Jagdeesh Rao Puppala’s career, he ran into some trouble with the law in rural western India. He had just returned from a small event where some…
We The Future Spotlights Bold Models for Sustainable Development Agenda
Last week, a group of social entrepreneurs, corporate pioneers, and policy innovators gathered at the TED Theater in New York during Global Goals Week for We The Future: Accelerating Sustainable…
Climate Solutions Investment Beyond Core Grantmaking
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , September 21, 2017
The Skoll Foundation is deeply committed to broad action against climate change, action that exceeds our core grantmaking through the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. The innovations and global consensus…
Our Commitment to Urgent Climate Action
September 21, 2017
From water resource management and food production, to disease and conflict: climate change exacerbates underlying vulnerabilities. As the severity of these impacts increase over the coming decades, poor communities in…
Team Rubicon in Houston: A Lean, Nimble Approach to Disaster Relief
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , September 12, 2017
  Jake Wood, former Marine sniper, believes there’s a better way to do disaster relief. While giant bureaucratic organizations like the Red Cross have come under increasing scrutiny for mismanaged…
Al Gore: Turtle on a Fence Post | Climate Reality Project
July 26, 2017
Al Gore recently stopped by the offices of Skoll and we had the opportunity to hear his take on the fight against climate change in the wake of the U.S.…
EcoPeace Middle East and a Breakthrough Israeli-Palestinian Water Deal
July 21, 2017
A water deal between Israelis and Palestinians reached earlier this month will ease the chronic shortages that have threatened to become a public health risk for the Palestinian people, particularly…
Record Number of Land and Water Rights Defenders Killed in 2016
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , July 17, 2017
Global Witness released a damning report late last week that shows it has never been deadlier to stand up against corporations seizing land and destroying the environment, tallying 200 deaths over the…
8 Things I Learned at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training
Jude O'Reilley - Skoll Foundation , July 5, 2017
Last week I joined Al Gore's team in Seattle for their 35th Climate Reality Leadership Corps training. The community is an international one, including strong representation from India, Europe, and sub-Saharan…
We Are Still In: States, Cities, and Businesses Renew Clean Energy Commitments in Wake of Paris Withdrawal
Alli Gold Roberts - Ceres , June 8, 2017
With President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, it’s become even more clear how critical the leadership of investors and companies are in tackling climate change and pushing for clean…
Skoll World Forum 2017 Reflection: Global Goals in an Uncertain World
Walking into the session, a question buzzed in my head: can we 7B+ humans prove to ourselves that ‘sustainable development’ isn’t an oxymoron, in just 14 short years? Susan Myers—panel…
Highlights from the Social Progress Imperative 2017 Summit
“What if sociologists had as much influence as economists?” That’s the provocation with which Bjarni Benediktsson, Iceland’s 46-year-old Prime Minister of Iceland, set the tone for recent global summit of…
The Skoll Foundation Approach to Visual Storytelling
April 22, 2017
Invest. Connect. Celebrate. That’s the Skoll Foundation mission in a nutshell, and the ‘celebrate’ part of that triad is where Skoll’s storytelling resources take center stage with the medium of…
Highlights from Skoll World Forum 2017
April 21, 2017
The annual Skoll World Forum was, as always, an inspiring, energizing, and at times dizzying week of conversations and celebrations in the hallowed halls and cobblestoned streets of Oxford. Stephan Chambers…
Survey of Social Entrepreneurship Community Reveals Emerging Trends
Jessica Fleuti - Skoll Foundation , February 1, 2017
Last summer, the Skoll Foundation surveyed our Board, partners, and Awardees about trends and issues influencing the work of social entrepreneurs and other change agents. As a curator of the…
Reflections From Standing Rock
Gabriel Diamond - Skoll Foundation , December 8, 2016
At the Skoll Foundation much of the work we support—and the stories we seek to tell—has to do with organizations and movements seeking to protect the environment and indigenous land…
COP22: Reactions from Social Entrepreneurs
November 23, 2016
Last year in Paris, nations forged a historic agreement on halting climate change. The Paris Agreement called for zero net greenhouse gas emissions by the second half of this century,…
COP22 Climate Negotiations Deliver Optimism and Resolve on Low-Carbon Transition
Mindy Lubber - Ceres , November 23, 2016
Despite the long shadow from the US election, the COP22 climate negotiations in Morocco, which wrapped on November 18, were a remarkable feat of global optimism, resolve and concrete action…
Africa’s Economic Promise
Peyton Fleming - Ceres , November 21, 2016
The Africa that I visited recently was very different from what I had read about in U.S. newspapers. Instead of terrorist attacks and marauding gangs, I saw economic vitality, world-leading…
Businesses Send a Clean Energy Message to President-elect Trump
Richard Fahey - Skoll Foundation , November 18, 2016
  Richard Fahey, Skoll Foundation It took only a few days for more than 365 of America’s largest companies and leading brands to assert that the transition to clean energy…
“One of the Most Extraordinary Things That Has Ever Happened in Diplomacy”: Independent Diplomat’s Carne Ross on the Paris Climate Negotiations
  Social entrepreneurs work in proximity to entrenched social challenges, come to know these challenges deeply, and work wholeheartedly to bring about a new status quo. Few challenges are as…
“The Progress We Are Making is Undeniable”: A Conversation With Venture Capitalist Nancy Pfund
Peyton Fleming - Ceres , August 23, 2016
Ceres’ Clean Trillion campaign aims to increase clean energy investments globally by $1 trillion a year, in order to minimize the damaging impact of climate change. Part of that campaign…
As Rio Olympics Kick Off, SPI Data Shows Uneven Social Progress in Brazil
Joony Moon - Skoll Foundation , August 5, 2016
The opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics kicks off today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both the city and the country have been mired in controversies in the lead-up…
Our Odyssey: What Winning the Skoll Award Has Meant for Blue Ventures
Vik Mohan - Blue Ventures , June 14, 2016
In 2015 Blue Ventures won the highest award in our sector, the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. A year later, has anything changed? Can winning a major award really be…
Investors Must Keep Pressuring Oil Majors on Climate Risk
Mindy Lubber - Ceres , June 6, 2016
Annual general meetings at the world's largest fossil fuel companies are usually a time for reflecting on strategies to increase revenues for the coming year, global energy outlooks, and governance.…
Fix Mideast Water Crisis to Advance Peace Process
Despite continuing disputes over settlements, Jerusalem, borders, and refugees, there is at least one problem on which Arabs and Israelis can still make progress—water. Much hard work lies ahead. The…
An Inconvenient Truth: Letter to the Community
Rachel Kraus - TakePart , May 21, 2016
When Participant Media and Skoll Foundation founder and chairman Jeff Skoll, Vice President Al Gore, and Davis Guggenheim premiered An Inconvenient Truth on May 24, 2006, the effect was immediate…
Gore and Figueres Talk Urgency and Optimism at Skoll-hosted TED Climate Breakfast
Bruce Lowry - Skoll Global Threats Fund , March 17, 2016
The Jeff Skoll Group had the honor of hosting a breakfast event at the recent TED2016 conference in Vancouver, featuring two leaders in the fight against climate change—Christiana Figueres, the…
Ceres Translates Climate Ambitions Into Reality  
February 24, 2016
The climate deal agreed on by 196 countries at COP21 in Paris this past December is extraordinary in its ambitions—a 1.5° C limit on warming, and net zero emissions in…
COP21: What Does Climate Deal Mean for Social Entrepreneurs?
Skoll Foundation - , December 14, 2015
The two-week UN Climate Change Conference wrapped up last weekend in Paris. COP21 was the latest international meeting to follow the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the…
Blue Ventures Study Shows Marine Management Pays
Alison Gilbert - Skoll Foundation , June 17, 2015
Velvetine, a local fisher from a village on the coast of Madagascar, reports: “Before we started doing octopus closures, we were only catching two or three octopus in a day,…
Revisit Nasheed's Address To The Closing Plenary Skoll World Forum in 2012
March 16, 2015
In light of the controversy surrounding former President Mohamed Nasheed's arrest and sentencing to 13 years in prison after he was found guilty of ordering the arrest of a judge…
Sustainable Sourcing: The Business Imperative
Jason Clay - World Wildlife Fund US , Mary Jo Cook - Fair Trade USA , Roger Martin - Martin Prosperity Institute , William Rosenzweig - Physic Ventures , June 11, 2014
Artists as Activists: Using Creative Talent for Social Progress
Camille Zamora - Sing for Hope , feliciano dos Santos - ESTAMOS Organização Comunitária , Jehane Noujaim - Noujaim Films , Monica Yunus - Sing for Hope , Naif Al-Mutawa - THE 99 , April 21, 2014
GDP Turns 80: SPI Turns 1
January 8, 2014
What does a successful country look like? 80 years ago, economist Simon Kuznets introduced GDP to the world, alongside a clear warning against using it to define the wellbeing of people.…