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Adequate preparation for, and access to, quality education unlock the economic opportunities that can allow someone to rise out of poverty. Conversely, a lack of education significantly increases a child’s chances of leading a life of hardship, little or no opportunity, and unrealized potential.

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Emerging Technologies: Shifting the Path from Poverty to Prosperity?
Bruce Lowry - Skoll Global Threats Fund , May 24, 2018
Neither technology determinists nor tech skeptics would have been wholly satisfied with the Skoll World Forum session, “Emerging Technologies: Shifting the Path from Poverty to Prosperity.”  But it was a…
How to Stop a Practice Harmful to Three Million Women and Girls This Year?
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , February 7, 2018
Some 200 million women and girls alive today have undergone female genital cutting (FGC). Every year, three million more women are violated with FGC—a massive, mostly invisible health and human…
#GoodNewsDecember: Impact Highlights from Social Entrepreneurs in 2017
Robyn Park - Skoll Foundation , December 18, 2017
After a year marked by natural disasters, refugee crises, and political turmoil, it can be a challenge to not become discouraged. But take a closer look, and you'll see the progress…
A Seed of Maize: Kickstart on Storytelling for Impact
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , December 7, 2017
In Sub-Saharan Africa, 12 million people who rely on smallholder agriculture have improved their yields and income with the help of a single, simple piece of technology: a human-powered water…
10 TED Talks by Women that Provoke, Empower, and Challenge the Status Quo
November 2, 2017
We’re excited to be in New Orleans for this year’s TEDWomen, where women from all over the world have convened to hear from innovative thinkers giving talks centering on the…
We The Future Spotlights Bold Models for Sustainable Development Agenda
Last week, a group of social entrepreneurs, corporate pioneers, and policy innovators gathered at the TED Theater in New York during Global Goals Week for We The Future: Accelerating Sustainable…
World’s First Development Impact Bond for Education: What Educate Girls Has Learned
Zachary Slobig - Skoll Foundation , August 1, 2017
Two years into a pioneering three-year development impact bond (DIB), Educate Girls—which tackles gender inequality in India’s educational system, is showing promising results. With a DIB, a service provider receives…
The Future of Learning: Personalized and Curiosity-led
Imagine that you only learned how to swim 75 percent? Or that you only learned how to ride your bike 75 percent? Or as a pilot, you only learned how…
Field Notes: Inside a Pratham Classroom in Karnataka
Shivani Garg Patel - Skoll Foundation , Joony Moon - Skoll Foundation , June 23, 2017
In rural India, half of village children can’t read or understand math at a level appropriate to their age and grade. This disparity in education creates ripples through society; it…
The Story of Gulafsa and Ruksar: Two Child Laborers Now Out of the Shadows
Nina Smith - GoodWeave , June 15, 2017
Millions of children are forced into labor each year. Consumers at the end of the supply chain often know nothing of the lives of those who made the product; it's…
What Next in a Global Labor Landscape in Flux?
Kimberly Hogan - Skoll Foundation , May 22, 2017
“I see aspirations converging all over the world and I’m really worried about it because unless we move more quickly in fighting poverty, unless we move more quickly in creating…
Highlights from the Social Progress Imperative 2017 Summit
“What if sociologists had as much influence as economists?” That’s the provocation with which Bjarni Benediktsson, Iceland’s 46-year-old Prime Minister of Iceland, set the tone for recent global summit of…
Highlights from Skoll World Forum 2017
April 21, 2017
The annual Skoll World Forum was, as always, an inspiring, energizing, and at times dizzying week of conversations and celebrations in the hallowed halls and cobblestoned streets of Oxford. Stephan Chambers…
Anatomy Of A Tiger: With all Eyes on Myanmar, See How Land Reform Shaped Asia's Tiger Economies
Roy Prosterman - Landesa , April 17, 2017
Asia’s Tigers, the collection of booming economies that emerged in the East following World War II, are often hailed as economic miracles. There was, though, no “secret sauce” behind that sustained…
Fear Doesn’t Live Here: Fighting Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa
March 30, 2017
By: Fiona Mavhinga, Founder, Camfed’s CAMA alumnae network “I have seen girls suffer,” Mary told me. “And I knew I had to speak for them.” Mary was born poor and grew…
#StandWithMe: Empathy Builds Gender-Inclusive Safe Spaces
Sonali Khan - Dasra , November 24, 2016
I was moderating an open discussion at a program on “safety in public transport” in a college in the state of Haryana, India. The students had heard about how girls…
As Rio Olympics Kick Off, SPI Data Shows Uneven Social Progress in Brazil
Joony Moon - Skoll Foundation , August 5, 2016
The opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics kicks off today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both the city and the country have been mired in controversies in the lead-up…
South Asia: Skoll Awardees Drive Change in Health and Gender Equality
Last month I traveled to Nepal and India to meet with Skoll Awardees and partners and learn about their progress in deploying mobile health solutions, fighting gender bias, and expanding…
Tackling the Access Gap: Nonprofessional Workforces Expand the Reach of Basic Services  
Joony Moon - Skoll Foundation , June 30, 2016
Comparing the recently-launched 2016 Social Progress Index to prior years, we can see what many already know—social progress takes time. As developing countries struggle to provide equitable access to important…
Seizing the Future: Why Empowering Young People Will Build a Better World
Ellen Goodman - Ashoka UK , Rob Wilson - Ashoka , April 13, 2016
The world is changing, and it’s changing fast—much faster than our education system has so far been able to keep up. In his TED talk titled “Do schools kill creativity?”…
Field Visit: Camfed Succeeds Through Community Solidarity
Cindy Chen - Individual , February 13, 2016
Raymond Guthrie and I are in Zimbabwe visiting Camfed, one of our early Skoll Award winners (class of 2005), to learn more about their work within rural communities to support…
The Outsourcing Sector’s Shift to Impact Sourcing as the New Norm
Alison Gilbert - Skoll Foundation , May 18, 2015
In a recent Huffington Post blog Skoll Awardee Jeremy Hockenstein—co-founder and CEO of Digital Divide Data (DDD)—posits, “Nowadays, almost every major company and institution outsources business processes offshore. Imagine the…
The Great Paradigm Shift
Diana Good - Independent Commission for Aid Impact , Eduarda La Rocque - Pereira Passos Institute , Michael Green - Social Progress Imperative , Michael Porter - Harvard Business School , Paul Farmer - Partners In Health , April 29, 2015
Unleashing Girls’ Power
Graça Machel - Graça Machel Trust , Lucy Lake - Campaign for Female Education , Mabel van Oranje - Girls Not Brides , Memory Banda - Girls Empowerment Network , Rebecca Winthrop - Brookings Institution , April 29, 2015
Is the Traditional Role of a Teacher Outdated?
David Johnson - Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship , Madhav Chavan - Pratham , Pamela Hartigan - Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship , Vicky Colbert - Fundación Escuela Nueva , Ziauddin Yousafzai - Malala Fund , April 22, 2014
Artists as Activists: Using Creative Talent for Social Progress
Camille Zamora - Sing for Hope , feliciano dos Santos - ESTAMOS Organização Comunitária , Jehane Noujaim - Noujaim Films , Monica Yunus - Sing for Hope , Naif Al-Mutawa - THE 99 , April 21, 2014
GDP Turns 80: SPI Turns 1
January 8, 2014
What does a successful country look like? 80 years ago, economist Simon Kuznets introduced GDP to the world, alongside a clear warning against using it to define the wellbeing of people.…
The Social Entrepreneur: That Rare Individual
September 8, 2013
Sally Osberg, CEO of the Skoll Foundation, describes "the social entrepreneur" as part of this special special series from the Skoll World Forum featuring social entrepreneurs and other innovators discussing…
Developing the Development Model: Reengineering Aid for the 21st Century - 2013 Skoll World Forum
Bunker Roy - Barefoot College , Dambisa Moyo - Economist , Maura ONeill - University of California, Berkeley , Paul Boateng - Akyem Law and Advisory Services Ltd , Richard Feachem - The Global Health Group , July 1, 2013
2007 Skoll World Forum Closing Plenary
Bill Drayton - Ashoka , Colin Mayer - Saïd Business School , Ed Miliband MP - Labour Party , John Elkington - Volans Ventures Ltd , Larry Brilliant - Ending Pandemics , March 29, 2007