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Susan Burns

Founder, Board Member & Director, Finance for Change, Global Footprint Network

Skoll Awardee


Susan Burns is Director of Finance for Change, a project of Global Footprint Network. Over the last decade as Founder and CEO, she built the organization into one of the leading scientific organizations in the world addressing global ecological limits. Susan now advises credit rating agencies and financial institutions on environmental risk in fixed income investing, having collaborated with over 30 financial institutions in groundbreaking research on topics ranging from food price shocks to carbon transition risk.. Prior to launching Global Footprint Network, Susan founded the pioneering sustainability consulting firm Natural Strategies, advising multinational companies on sustainability as a source of competitive advantage. Susan led the development of the screening methodology for Portfolio 21, the US’s first mutual fund dedicated to environmental sustainability. In 2007 Susan, along with Mathis Wackernagel, won the Skoll Award on Social Entrepreneurship. She was selected as honorable mention on the en(rich) list identifying the top inspirational individuals whose contributions enrich paths to sustainable futures ( John Elkington identified Susan in 2012 among the “Zeronaut 50” Roll of Honor, i.e., leading pioneers who are driving the world’s most significant problems to zero. Both Susan Burns and Mathis Wackernagel are 2014 ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame Inductees.

Regional Focus

Europe, North America