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Silverius Oscar Unggul

President, Telapak

Skoll Awardee


Onte, Silverius Oscar Unggul, elected as president of Telapak on 2016. Onte, is co-founder of Perkumpulan Telapak in 2002 and help the organization transform from advocacy based organization to solution based organization. Onte, known as initiator of community logging movement, he lead the Telapak’s team to transform the illegal loggers become a sustainable famers on logging with built cooperatives in many places in Indonesia. Success with the famers, Telapak working with destructive fisherman and also success to transform them to achieve their sustainable livelihood with sustainable way. Now, in collaborate with private sector, IT company and cooperatives, Telapak work to develop community-based tracebility system for many comodities in Indonesia.