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Sana Mustafa

Founding Member, Network for Refugee Voices


" Sana Mustafa is the Founder and Manager of Sana Mustafa Consulting LLC where she consults with different institutions on designing engagement projects related to refugees, Syrian political and humanitarian situation. Mustafa is a Syrian refugee since 2013 after fleeing the war in Syria and is currently living in the United States.

Mustafa has diverse experience working with national and international nonprofit organizations and causes namely dealing with peace-building efforts, refugee integration, and education. She has been active in advocating for refugee resettlement and social/political engagement of refugees in the United States. Mustafa is an active public speaker and has spoken at the United Nations headquarters in New York, National Press Club in Washington, D.C, the White House, Harvard Law School, Stanford, and at numerous university campuses. She speaks about her personal story fleeing war, detention and on community advocacy efforts She also speaks about political solutions to humanitarian crises.

Mustafa is a founding member of The Network For Refugee Voices, a refugees led coalition working to increase refugees engagement with international community to pursue inclusive, sustainable, and effective refugee and immigration policy.

Mustafa finished in 2016 her second undergraduate degree in Political Science as a full scholarship recipient from Bard College in NY. Mustafa has a degree in Business Administration from Damascus, Syria."