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Rosemary Kumwenda

Regional Team Leader HIV Health and Development EECA, United Nations Development Programme


Dr Rosemary Kumwenda - Deputy Team Leader HHD a.i and Senior Policy Advisor Sustainable responses for Health and HIV HHD IRH
Comes with over 15 years of work experience in UNDP at country and regional levels working on Health and HIV. She spent eleven years as Assistant Resident Representative Poverty, HIV&AIDS Advisor in Zambia. Also served in UNDP Malawi Country Office as HIV and AIDS policy Advisor to the Government of Malawi. She led the UN Joint teams on focus areas related to UNDP’s comparative advantage including HIV and the Law, Key populations, HIV and Gender mainstreaming in development plans and strategies. In 2014 she joined the HHD team at the UNDP RSCA as Senior Policy Advisor for Sustainable Responses HIV, Health and Development.
She has a Master’s degree in Public Health from the London school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LHTM). She is a Medical Doctor trained at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. Was a medical practitioner for 10 years in both clinical care and rose to the rank of City of Lusaka Director of Health before joining UNDP. Speaks Nyanja, Chewa, Tumbuka, English, Romanian and French.

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