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Rodrigo Baggio

Founder and President, CDI Global, Center for Digital Inclusion

Skoll Awardee


Founder and President of CDI International – 1995-present
The Center for Digital Inclusion (CDI) is a global NGO that seeks to fight poverty, stimulate entrepreneurship and develop skills to empower people to become change makers through the use of information and communication technology. With 21 years of work, CDI has reached about 564 spaces of digital empowerment, 1,281 educators and 1,682,573 individuals impacted worldwide. It is a global network with presence in 7 countries: Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, and the United States.

President and Co-Founder of Trendel – 2015-present
Tendrel, meaning interdependence in Tibetan, is a new professional organization that exists to support social entrepreneurs and build the larger field of social impact through creating deep connections and peer to peer spaces. Today Tendrel counts with 12 forums in 8 countries with 120+ active members. Its Advisory Board consists of the leading social entrepreneurship support organizations such as Ashoka, Skoll Foundation, Schwab Foundation and B-Lab.

Show Master of Reality Show Digital Mission – 2016-present
During 2016, in parallel, Rodrigo embarked on a new challenge which is leading the first ever purpose-driven reality show on digital inclusion, broadcasted to five to ten million people by Globo, the world’s 4th biggest entertainment television ( This project is an innovative Branded Content Marketing case to inspire the scaling of social impact.

Early days
Previous to CDI, Rodrigo worked as an Artificial Intelligence Specialist for Accenture and managed IBM's “Reinventing Education” programs. He also envisioned the use of computers to promote social inclusion and launched initiatives such as the creation of a Bulletin Board System to gamify a social network for young people before internet even existed and inspired the first computer donation campaign in Latin America.