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Quratulain Bakhteari

Founding Director, Institute for Development Studies and Practices

Skoll Awardee


Born after two years of Pakistan creation in 1949, raised in refugee settllment in Karachi. Being eldest of five children always found myself in leadership role. My early childhood was on total freedom although struggling . Married off at 16 age, after my high school. Had 3 amazing children at age 21, completed my masters in social work , did extensive work with refugees from Bangladesh , created models in low cost sanitation, punlic private partnerships for girls education, enrolling 200,000 girls, created IDSP an institute for the excluded youth from main stream education and livilihood. Created 500 enterprenuers, trained 200 girls as midwives, saving 150000 mothers,
Established more then 50000 youths in their livihoods and meaningful citizins .