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Oren Yakobovich

CEO, Videre

Skoll Awardee


Serving in the Israeli military, Oren Yakobovich came in close contact with the experience of the Palestinian people and found that as his understanding changed, he could no longer carry out his assigned duties. Driven to raise awareness about the inequalities that he saw in the world, he has been working at the intersection of human rights and filmmaking for 20 years. Leading the video department at the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, he developed ‘Shooting Back,’ a video project that has trained hundreds of citizens in the West Bank to use cameras to fight for justice. The project won several awards, including the BBC’s One World Media award and the International Media Award’s Cutting Edge Prize. Oren’s work has been screened at Berlin and Sundance among other festivals. He co-founded Videre in 2008 to train and support networks of human rights defenders in the art and technology of documenting abuses and effectively sharing evidence with strategically selected decision makers and communicators. His expertise in the use of technology to expose human rights violations results in frequent requests to brief civil society, government, international organization, and media decision-makers.