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Luis Szaran

Founder and Director, Sonidos de la Tierra

Skoll Awardee


Luis Szarán
Artist for Peace of UNESCO
The conducter, composer and musicologist Luis Szarán was born in Paraguay in 1953. From his earliest youth music characterized his life. He studied orchestra conducting at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. The next 30 years were characterized by a worldwide career as a director. He directed symphonic orchestras, among others from Brazil, Chile, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. He was named Official Knight of the Italian Republic and, in 2002 he was awarded the Vivaldi Medal of the Venice International Festival.
In 2002 Luis Szarán founded Sonidos de la Tierra a social project, which aims to offer young people music as a basis in the fight against poverty, social commitment, social change and the strengthening of the community. Luis Szarán was awarded not only by the Skoll Foundation but also by the Schwab Foundation (World Economic Forum). In 2016 he was named "Artist for Peace" by UNESCO.