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a 2012 SASE Awardee together with Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto.

I was part of the pioneering team that worked closely with Mr Meloto as he shaped and developed the different aspects of Gawad Kalinga in 2003.

guided by the founding principles of GK:

"poverty is a crisis in values that has economic c consequences"
"look at the poor equal in worth and dignity"
"no one left behind nor forgotten"
"communities are platforms for sustainable values transformation"
"love of God and country will fuel the the culture of caring and sharing"

Team GK developed programs that opened new frontiers in providing land for the landless and homes for homeless. understanding and discovering mitigations on issues that interlock with poverty like climate change, conflict, hunger, health and education.

I am currently the CEO of Gawad Kalinga Foundation serving with a team of staff workers, volunteers, partners and communities venturing into the development of social enterprises that incorporates the bottom of the pyramid as the headline.

the challenge of Gawad Kalinga at this point is scaling the model to create sustainable momentum to end poverty for 5 million families. venturing into digital platforms and systems thinking , we are hopeful that we will achieve our aspirations for the poorest.