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Lauren Fletcher

CEO, Biocarbon Engineering


Lauren Fletcher is the Founder and CEO of BioCarbon Engineering which has the objective to plant 1 billion trees a year with drones. He holds a PhD in Physics (Oxford) and M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Stanford). He has 20+ years of experience as an Engineer and Scientist for NASA and Lockheed Martin across Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Mars exploration programs. He also has extensive entrepreneurial experience as founder of two previous companies and as a member of the founding faculty of Singularity University. His expertise includes project management; environmental engineering, bio-technology and biological sciences; space and systems engineering; planetary science; and social impact and entrepreneurship. He is driven by a genuine concern about the state of our world: degrading climate, loss of natural environments, significant biodiversity losses, and a increasing potential for human suffering driven by a rapidly changing climate. He believes that emerging and exponential technologies, when appropriately applied, can solve global scale problems in ways that we have never been able to do before.