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Lashon Amado

Student VOICES Coordinator, YouthBuild USA


Lashon faced tremendous obstacles in his life, meeting racism, getting involved with the criminal justice system, and losing his father to street violence. These adversities caused him to become apathetic about education and ultimately led him to drop out of high school. He enrolled in YouthBuild, where the staff there empowered him to want more for himself and consider post-secondary education, leading eventually to enrollment and honors received at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Today, Lashon works at YouthBuild USA as the Student VOICES Coordinator and represents YouthBuild on the National Council of Young Leaders- Opportunity Youth United. In both roles, he serves as a local and national student leader, participating in speaking engagements across the country and connecting more opportunity youth to college and career pathways. He also serves on the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee for the Governor’s office of Massachusetts.