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Kimberly Hogan

Global Partnerships Program Manager, Skoll Foundation


Kimberly serves as the Global Partnerships Program Manager, supporting the development and deployment of partnerships that expand and extend the Skoll Foundation mission. She provides intelligence building and analysis, internal project management, and relationship stewardship across the global partnerships team, and helps ensure Skoll develops and maintains best practices in cultivating mutually beneficial strategic relationships.

Kimberly has spent most of her career working in the public sector. In 2010 Kimberly spent 2 months in South Africa as a volunteer participating in community development projects across Johannesburg. This experience left her with a conviction to do whatever she could to help alleviate suffering and contribute to positive change. Over the years she has helped run a grantmaking organization that provided support to women’s and children’s causes, project managed socially focused projects for both non-profit and for-profit businesses, and, most recently, worked in corporate philanthropy at the Citi Foundation in New York. Her first job was with Aspen Film a non-profit that hosts an annual independent film festival, amongst other programming, that features and connects storytellers from around the world.

In her free time Kimberly loves to explore, whether it be checking out a new neighborhood in the Bay Area or travelling across the world. Kimberly has visited 20 countries internationally and 30 states domestically. She only wishes that she could bring her dog Jax with her wherever she goes.

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