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Jaison Morgan

CEO, Common Pool


Jaison Morgan is the CEO of Common Pool (, an agency that funds social enterprises through an open, transparent, and fair process of granting awards, prizes, fellowships, and other forms of incentive-based programs. In 2017, Common Pool was responsible for facilitating over $200 million in total resources to registrants around the world. Jaison Morgan has been recognized by the BBC as "the world's expert" in designing prizes to drive innovative breakthroughs. He helped establish a lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2007 to study how targeted rewards can be used to induce new approaches to engineering challenges. He has served as an Advisor to the Office of the First Minister of Scotland, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the government of the United Arab Emirates, and many multi-national interests to counsel their use of challenge competitions for solving large-scale public problems. Jaison completed graduate studies at the University of Chicago and is a frequent lecturer on the subject of incentive engineering (