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Daniel Flynn

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Thankyou Group


At the age of 19, Daniel Flynn discovered the alarming fact that while 900 million people around the world did not have access to safe drinking water, Australians spent $600 million on bottled water each year. As a result, Daniel founded Thankyou Water with a group of friends – a social enterprise that would fund safe water projects in developing nations through the sale of bottled water. Despite many setbacks, just five years later, Thankyou Water evolved into Thankyou Group, expanding its product range to 18 products including food and body care products in order to fund food and health and hygiene projects. With its products now available in 4,000 outlets, including all major Australian supermarkets, to date. Thankyou Group won Australian youth led social enterprise of the year in 2013 and has contributed to more than 350 projects across eleven countries and has assisted over 73,000 people with safe water access, 62,000 with access to health and heigine training and over 7,000 people with access to food programs. Daniel was awarded 2014 Victorian Young Australian of the Year as well as 2013 Victorian Young Achiever of the Year.