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Arbind Singh

Executive Director, Nidan

Skoll Awardee


Arbind Singh is a social entrepreneur and activist working with informal workers and their children in India .He founded Nidan in 1996 which along with various offshoots today works with more than 10,00,000 informal workers for better laws and polices, livelihood promotion ,access to financial services ,skill building ,enabling workers to seize opportunities in market ,promoting social security .Establishing inclusive models of growth has also been an integral strategy along with institution building which includes setting up for profit institutions.
A very successful initiative has been the National Association of Street Vendors of India(NASVI) which has brought security to hundreds of thousands of street vendors in India. NASVI got a National Policy for Street Vendors of India in 2004 which has adopted by 11 states of India .In 2014 ,the Govt of India enacted the Central Law for Street Vendors which mandates participation of Street Vendors in securing their livelihood .
He initiated NASVI Street Food Pvt Ltd ,an enterprise to develop the business of the Street Vendors .The Street Food Festivals organized in Delhi has become a signature event of the city . The enterprise is also training street vendors in safe handling of food and maintaining hygienic practices .
Besides being a motivator and leader, he is also regarded as a dynamic social entrepreneur. He has promoted 22 community owned financial entities of informal workers