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Anouck Bronée

Advocacy & Campaigns Manager, Crisis Action


Eye-opening experiences in her young days in Thailand and a strong sense of empathy led Anouck to engage in humanitarian work from a young age. In her work with the UN and grassroots NGOs across continents, she's had diverse roles from monitoring and evaluating social developments programmes in rural India, to advocating for the rights of refugees vis-à-vis governments and international donors in Iran and Rwanda.

Since she joined Crisis Action in 2012, Anouck has contributed to impactful campaigns involving diverse coalitions of 100+ NGOs and civil society members to protect civilians from conflict in the Central African Republic, Mali, and Israel- Palestine. She currently co-leads Crisis Action's international campaign on Syria. In this role she helps broker collaboration between Syrian civil society and humanitarian, human rights & conflict prevention organisations to foster conditions to bring the 5-year conflict to an end.

Anouck joins the Forum as part of the Skoll Foundation's Young Leaders' Programme. She is fluent in French and English, and dabbles in Swahili while trying to learn the ukulele.