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Anna Zimmermann Jin

Manager, Analysis & Insight, Skoll Foundation


Anna Zimmermann Jin joined the Skoll Foundation in 2016 and currently serves as Manager on the Analysis & Insight team. She is responsible for managing the Foundation’s research agenda, producing intelligence on the issue areas, geographies, and ecosystems the Foundation’s awardees operate in, and assessing the impact of Skoll’s portfolio to support ongoing learning and evidence-based decision making.

Anna has eight years of experience in the global health and environmental fields, spanning research, consulting, and program management. Most recently, as a Senior Consultant at SDG, Anna worked with clients at global health foundations and public-private partnerships to design analyses to inform their R&D portfolio investment decisions, stakeholder engagement strategies, and program performance metrics. Previously, at Impact Carbon, she provided technical and carbon finance consulting to clean cookstove and water treatment projects serving low-income communities in Asia and Africa. Anna is proficient in Mandarin and lived in China for more than two years, where she completing research projects focused on environmental improvements made for the 2008 Olympics and the contribution of household energy use to air pollution and adverse health impacts.

Anna earned an M.S. in Global Health & Environment from the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health. She holds a B.A. in Biology with minors in Environmental Studies and Chinese from Kenyon College.

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