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Angela Mason

Director of Strategic Partnerships, KickStart-International


Angela has devoted her life to being an advocate and fundraiser for suffering people and has traveled the world on humanitarian missions. She has walked over land mines, been shot at, held babies orphaned by AIDS, met child soldiers and walked into prisons, brothels and sweat shops where children are abused and exploited. She is an award-winning speaker and documentary producer. Through her compelling presentations, sprinkled with stories, humor and possibilities, Angela motivates audiences to make a difference in their world. Angela was an actress in her native Great Britain before moving to San Francisco where she became a highly successful executive recruiter. Her life changed one Friday night in 1990. She was watching ABC's 20/20 that exposed horrific conditions in Romanian orphanages. She knew she had to do something. Since then she has poured herself into humanitarian work, started two highly successful non-profits, and spent 20 years with World Vision. She is particularly passionate about the lives of women and girls. She currently works for KickStart International where she is enjoying telling stories about how irrigation pumps are changing the lives of African families.