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Americo Martins

Head of Global Partnerships, British Broadcasting Corporation


I am the Head of Global Partnerships at the BBC World Service.

In this position, I commission special editorial projects for the whole BBC World Service Group in English and all the other 40 Language Services we operate in --and in all media platforms. The projects are always produced in partnership with external organizations such as big international bodies and foundations. In this position I have to handle all aspects of the partnerships: from creating the editorial projects to managing all the teams and budgets required for their implementation. As a result, I am constantly developing new ideas and interacting with different teams of professionals within and outside the BBC and in several parts of the world.

I have developed some editorial projects in partnership with Skoll Foundation and we are very proud of the results.

Previously, I worked as a Journalist and Media Executive in Brazil and in the UK, including some high level positions such as Superintendent of News and Sports at a Brazilian TV Network and as Director General and President of Brazil's public broadcaster.