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Alpha Ngwenya

Co-Founder, Strong Woman Strong Love


Alpha Ngwenya is a student at Arizona State University majoring in Economics and Business Data Analytics. He currently works for Changemaker Central as a marketing chairperson. Changemaker provides over $250,000 in start-up funding. Alpha interned with Steward Bank and Public Accountant and Auditors Board were he developed interpersonal skills. By the age of 14 his grandfather, grandmother, father, and mother had passed away and he had to assume responsibility for his two siblings. That was when he started a vegetable garden business that enabled him to generate funds for his education and the education of siblings. His background was his introduction to the world of social innovation. Alpha has pursued his passion for social entrepreneurship by founding African Data Company, a unique startup that trains rural community members in Lupinyu, Zimbabwe on ways to save, accumulate and invest their money. With the aim of disrupting the cycle of poverty which is dominant in rural Africa. He also co-founded Strong Women Strong Love, a non-profit that provides feminine hygiene products to women facing homelessness. They teach women in Uganda the skills of designing a reusable sanity pad that can be sold for a 5500 Ugandan shillings profit per pack. This is unique because it provides entrepreneurship skills and financial benefit to women who are less privileged. Also, Strong Women Strong Love partners with a safe house with an aim to keep a girl child in school all month long, by training them to make reusable feminine hygiene products for personal use. Strong Women Strong Love has impacted over 2400+ women since its inception.

“social entrepreneurship is a universal language that can make poverty deaf” – Alpha Ngwenya