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Abigail Kaindu

Coordinator Leadership, Campaign for Female Education


Abigail is a remarkable young woman and a champion of social and economic change in her nation.

Abigail was born in 1988 in the rural district of Samfya, Zambia. She was orphaned at an early age and subsequently lived with her grandmother who encouraged her to study hard. However, as a result of poverty she struggled to pay the necessary school fees. Fortunately, Abigail was recommended by her school to receive bursary support from Camfed, an NGO that funds girls’ education.

Having lived through extreme poverty and realizing that education is the key to overcoming it, Abigail has acted tirelessly to extend similar opportunities to other young women. She is a leading member of the pan-African Cama network of young women (currently with 14,005 members). She was recently appointed to the position of Camfed Association Coordinator in charge of leadership.