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Aaron Pereira

Project Lead, Wellbeing Project


Aaron is excited about how the spaces that people live in and the communities that people live in can become more caring and supportive - with support especially for the inner journey of ach of us - and also touching on a mix of art, music and architecture. He is currently working with the Wellbeing Project, an initiative that’s co-created with Ashoka, Esalen, the Fetzer Institute the Skoll Foundation and the Synergos Institute. In 2012 and 2013 he also experimented with the Homegrown Cities project, and with the Guggenheim/BMW urban lab in Mumbai.

Aaron took a 7 year sabbatical till June of 2012 to spend time traveling, to do deep personal exploration, and more. Prior to the sabbatical, Aaron co-founded CanadaHelps, a charity which engages over 1 million Canadians and raises C$ 140 million a year for projects across Canada and around the world. The organization also works directly with 20,000 charities helping them with the development of their internal capacity. He also co-founded Vartana, an initiative to develop the field of social finance in Canada, and to develop a financial institution for social enterprise. Vartana was part of a small group that successfully advocated for the government to invest $150 million into social enterprise investment funds, they also worked with leading banks on their credit models for lending to social enterprise.

For his work as a social entrepreneur he was named an Ashoka Fellow, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. Aaron has completed a degree with a minor in Economics from Queen's University, and studied at Oxford University as a Skoll Scholar. He has also completed an executive education program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School.

Aaron Pereira was born in Goa, and grew up in India, the Middle East, and North America. He now loves making his home in Paris and India.

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