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How We Assess an Organization’s Financial Health: A Step-by-Step Guide to Decoding the Numbers
Sarah Miers - Skoll Foundation , March 19, 2018
Financial health is critical to understanding the overall health and sustainability of an organization and is a consistent consideration for any funder or nonprofit manager. But assessing financial health can…
Scaling Solutions Toward Shifting Systems: A Call to Action
September 19, 2017
  Impact: that's the north star for funders in the social entrepreneurship space. Many foundations are unwavering in their attention to measuring how a grantee moves the needle. Increasingly though,…
A Detailed Guide to Public Sector Funding for Social Entrepreneurs
September 18, 2017
  Social entrepreneurs rely on a diverse ecosystem of funding flows to sustain and scale their work, and public sector institutions play a key role in supporting these social enterprises with…
Five Ways to Build Better Online Communities
Robin Toal - APOPO HeroRats , November 27, 2015
Building an online community is a priority for most non-profit organizations. Active and engaged online communities create a wealth of opportunities: to attract volunteers, increase fundraising revenue, expand reach, or…
5 Ways Social Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Content Go Viral—from an editor at Upworthy
Sally Kassab - Skoll Foundation , August 17, 2015
Adam Mordecai is editor-at-large at Upworthy. When he’s not trying to get millions of page views (300 million to date) on issues like racial justice, climate change and economic inequality,…
Five Mistakes That Social Entrepreneurs Make When Crafting Their brands
Anne Miltenburg - The Brandling , August 12, 2015
As a brand developer, I’ve met countless social entrepreneurs all over the world: people with an extreme passion for social or environmental impact. They have a lot to master in…
Prioritize, Capitalize, Right Size and More: 5 Insights from the Skoll Foundation on Monitoring and Evaluation
Sally Kassab - Skoll Foundation , July 28, 2015
Ehren Reed, the Skoll Foundation’s Director of Evaluation, was recently asked what matters when he is looking at the measurements social entrepreneurial organizations use. “Organizations have the power to achieve…
One Social Entrepreneur Shares How He Gets Media Coverage
Sally Kassab - Skoll Foundation , May 11, 2015
Jim Fruchterman founded Benetech in 2000. Since then, his organization has been featured in numerous publications, such as Barron’s, The New York Times, and public radio station KQED. At the…
Audience Engagement: Beyond the 'Like' Button
Michael Skoler - Public Radio International , February 16, 2015
In 1994 I was a foreign correspondent covering the genocide sweeping Rwanda. My radio stories shared the voices of people — Hutus and Tutsis alike — who were caught up…
Five Ways to Tap the Crowd to Drive Change
Suzana Grego - Skoll Foundation , December 20, 2014
On December 5th, the second annual Social Entrepreneurs Challenge, hosted on CrowdRise, came to an end. And what an ending it was! The goal was for social entrepreneurs to raise…
For-Profit or Non-Profit? How Hybrid Tension Yields Success
Kirsten Bunch - Independent , November 30, 2014
Years of hard work building a thriving social enterprise are starting to pay off for VisionSpring. This year, we expect to generate an estimated $1.6 million in earned income from the…
Reflections from Sundance: The Power of Data versus Story
Tim Hanstad - Landesa , January 30, 2014
I’ll Tell You a Story A week spent at the Sundance Film Festival usually includes photo opportunities in your best mountain chic, mingling with celebrities, and getting a sneak peak…
10 Tips for Social Entrepreneurs: How to Talk to a Problem Employee
Judy Parkman - Skoll Foundation , October 7, 2013
In my time as a human resources director at the Skoll Foundation, I have talked many social entrepreneurs and one question that seems to come up often is: How do…
Twitter Tips for Nonprofits by Our Very Own Phil Collis
Phil Collis - Skoll Foundation , May 21, 2012
At a 2012 Giving Pledge learning series event called “Connecting for Good: How Social Media is Driving Social Good,” our very own senior manager of digital technology Phil Collis (third from…