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Sally Osberg on Ambition

October 12, 2015

Ambition translates aspiration into action. It’s the secret sauce that accelerates problem solving, spurs entrepreneurship, and galvanizes leadership. Most important, ambition is what drives human beings to improve their lives.

It’s this mega-force, the ambition of countless men and women claiming their right to better lives, that is disrupting a mega-status quo: a world which turns a blind eye to human suffering and indignity, that seems only to take notice when the inevitable eruptions occur.

Social entrepreneurs know how to harness ambition for good. They understand that when opportunity is made available, ambition does the rest.

Ambition can seem invisible, but its energy is undeniable. Throughout the world, the ambition of women and men seeking freedom, self-determination, and opportunity is gathering force. Social entrepreneurs grasp what’s going on. They see and are seizing the moment, knowing that in the decade to come, this upwelling of ambition can change countries, transform societies, and remake the world.


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